Quarr Lane, Sherborne

The DIGS group carried out one of its monthly conservation sessions on Sunday 10 November. The morning was spent at Quarr Lane, Sherborne. Apart from clearing encroching nettles, brambles and ivy, time was spent photographing fossils, mainly ammonites, which is hoped will help ongoing research on the Inferior Oolite.

Quarr Lane

nicely etched ammonite

Portesham Restoration

On 8 October a group of nine DIGS members spent a few hours working on our site at Portesham Farm, Portesham.

The face of the old Rocket Quarry had become rather overgrown but is now in good condition exposing the boundary between the Portland and Purbeck Beds. For further information see the site page.

14 general view from SW zoomr

9 stromatolite horizonr

5 progress mader

The next conservation session is at Quarr Lane Sherborne starting at 10.30 on Sunday 10th November.

Vallis Vale Conservation

On Sunday 8th September a joint working part from DIGS, DGAG, Wessex OUGS and Bath Geol. Soc. carried out conservation work at Vallis Vale, near Frome in Somerset. The de la Beche Unconformity is an important geological site and is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). Unfortunately over the years it has been neglected.


Nettles, brambles and saplings have obscured the geology and damage has been done such as spray graffiti and rubbish left on the site.




A group of 21 spent the day working on the area and the photos help to show the progress made. Further work is needed but a great amount was achieved.

Conservation on a nearby site at Tedbury Camp is planned for 18-20th September. If you are interested in helping please get in touch.

Preserving our geological heritage