Vallis Vale

As part of Geo-Week the DIGS group, in combination with the SGG and other local interest groups, decided to carry out some conservation work at the De la Beche unconformity site at Vallis Vale. This followed on from work carried out previously to keep this important SSSI in good condition for geological visits and shows the importance of regular conservation.

It was also nice to see (and hear!) a group of youngsters enjoying the delights of Vallis Vale under the guidance of the Somerset Earth Science Centre.

Site at start
Site at end

Erosion surface at start
Erosion surface at end

More information on the geology of Great Elm and Vallis Vale from the BGS Foundations of the Mendips.


Another successful session at Wanderwell LNR on Friday continuing to work on the two faces where Forest Marble is exposed.

Some damage to the site was cleared up following it being used as a BMX track!

Some good fossil material can be seen with careful inspection. Here are some pictures to show it now and as it was in 2008.


Working on the south face
West face after a bit of cleaning
Radulopecten vagans
Wanderwell 25.9.2008

Crack Lane

Great morning at Crack Lane yesterday with lovely weather and an energetic work force, mixture of DIGS and Wessex OUGS. Thanks to all who helped.

Crack Lane start
Crack Lane start
Cleaned up face
The work force (most of it anyway)

The walk to St Aldhelm’s Head went well with glorious views!

Houns-tout to Worbarrow Bay

Preserving our geological heritage