Red Lane, Abbotsbury

A select band of three (Alan, Roger and Geoff P) spent the morning  working at Red Lane. Roger stayed until 3:30 pm.

Good progress was made as you can see from the attached pictures. A return visit is needed to take more pictures of the finished state. There is scope for more work particularly higher up the site further from the road.

More information about Red Lane.

King Barrow

We had a successful session at King Barrow quarry on Portland this morning. Six of us worked on the fossil forest site near the road before moving over to the section in the NE of the quarry where we continued work started in February removing privet from the rock face. We also removed brambles and some cotoneaster which is starting to creep back (unfortunately). We also improved the access path and tidied up by the King Barrow sign so it can be seen. We plan to go back on another occasion to remove the scree which covers part of the rock face in the NE section.

Sign now visible
Clearing the path
Fossil Forest western section
Microbial limestone surrounding silicified tree stump
Privet and bramble removed

Vallis Vale

As part of Geo-Week the DIGS group, in combination with the SGG and other local interest groups, decided to carry out some conservation work at the De la Beche unconformity site at Vallis Vale. This followed on from work carried out previously to keep this important SSSI in good condition for geological visits and shows the importance of regular conservation.

It was also nice to see (and hear!) a group of youngsters enjoying the delights of Vallis Vale under the guidance of the Somerset Earth Science Centre.

Site at start
Site at end

Erosion surface at start
Erosion surface at end

More information on the geology of Great Elm and Vallis Vale from the BGS Foundations of the Mendips.

Preserving our geological heritage