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Crookhill Brick Pit SSSI

Members of DIGS have finally been able to start conservation work at Crookhill Brick Pit SSSI in collaboration with Natural England and Dorset’s County Conservation Officer. The site is an SSSI because of the exposure of the lower part of the Oxford Clay (Kosmoceras compressum zone). The site is also a Local Nature Reserve and has a population of great crested newts which has affected the conservation work timetable. Good progress was made allowing access to the northern part of the pit and clearing gorse. A further session is planned in November with further work in the coming year as the wildlife allows!

Red Lane, Abbotsbury

A select band of three (Alan, Roger and Geoff P) spent the morning  working at Red Lane. Roger stayed until 3:30 pm.

Good progress was made as you can see from the attached pictures. A return visit is needed to take more pictures of the finished state. There is scope for more work particularly higher up the site further from the road.

More information about Red Lane.